it's time to Sell more while working LESS...

Get copy that does the selling for you, so you can bring your business vision to life and become the inspired CEO you deserve to be.

what if you could Sell more while working LESS?

Get copy that does the selling for you, so you can bring your business vision to life and become the inspired CEO you deserve to be

You’re a whip-smart entrepreneur who’s poured your heart and soul into your business. But even though it’s going well, DEAR LORD there's always more to do. 

Your to-do list lurks on the backs of envelopes and on the Notes app of your phone. As soon as you cross one item off it, you think of fourteen more. 

You lie awake for hours at night stewing over your business goals, as your partner snores obliviously. 

You struggle to switch off from work in the evenings, even with the help of the most mind-numbing Netflix shows. 

And you've lost count of the number of dinners and events you've skipped to work on your business (and the worried, "Is everything OK?" queries you've had to field as a result...) 

Honestly, it's kinda taking a toll. 

Because despite all that elbow grease, you've still got no idea where you'll find the time to do everything you want to accomplish in your business.

Especially when, right now, you don't have enough time to see your loved ones, strike a good work-life balance, or take proper care of your company's most precious resource: YOU.

What you really want is to see bigger results in your business - that is to say, more conversions, more money, and more paying, raving customers, without having to spend more hours hunched over your laptop screen.

Because ultimately, you’re doing all this to build a business that sets you FREE, right?? 

Which is why you’d love a website that makes your target audience bang down the door to work with you.

To have email sequences that sell your services seamlessly, and sales pages that enable you to have 15K+ launches.

To stop all the hustling and get to regularly open messages that say, “I know you’re fully-booked for the next three months, but can I please get on your waiting list?!” 

Basically, you want to spend your days making a difference, being appreciated by your customers, and being paid what you’re actually worth.

(And then you want to shut down your computer at 4 PM, spend your evening chilling out, and enjoy a full nine hours of undisturbed ZZZs before you even contemplate work again...)

"Suzy is a very talented writer who is passionate and enthusiastic about her work and the service she offers. Whether you're trying to build a customer base and create your brand, or you're a longstanding business that needs a face lift and help engaging more effectively with customers, Suzy has you covered. 

It’s been great having someone to discuss ideas with and to offer a different perspective and insight, along with a helping hand putting those ideas into practice and bringing them to life. She even highlighted areas of my business to me that could easily be improved, making my business more profitable and me more time-efficient. Highly recommended!"

Katie Williams, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, and Founder of Train With Katie UK

Suzy Cater

Hi! I’m Suzy. I'm a copywriter who helps coaches and consultants massively upgrade their website, email, and marketing copy, so they can make the spectacular impact and income they deserve.

Over nearly a decade of professional writing and research, I've written copy for everyone from Silicon Valley EdTech firms, to startup founders, to national restaurant brands, to international charities and newspapers. I've also earned a PhD in French from New York University, edited top-ranked scholarly journals, and authored prize-winning research articles.

Most importantly, I've helped hundreds of people all over the world find the compelling words they need to express the value of what they do and believe. Because I believe that if you're doing great things, you deserve great copy to highlight that.

"I was looking for someone to help me find my voice and effectively convey my message on my website. I know my audience, but I just couldn’t figure out how to sell myself in a way that can speak to them, that’s why I wanted to work with a copywriter. 

I chose Suzy after interviewing a number of people because I was convinced that she knows what she’s doing, and she knows how to write in a way that can capture people’s emotions. She’s provided more clarity for me in what I do and who are my audience overall. And I’m loving the new copy on my website! It gets to the heart of the audience and also sounds like the way I’d talk to people. I recommend her services!"

Mandy Ho, Mindset Coach and Founder of Sabi Healing

As a result of our work together, you’ll

Have copy that sounds like you at your best, brims with your personality, and makes potential clients think, "FINALLY, someone out there who gets me!!"

Have the persuasive writing you need locked in place to see more new email subscribers, client inquiries, and cash rolling into your bank account

Free up hours of your time that you can use to generate extra revenue, work on your next creative project, or simply chillax more 

Be able to fully step into your role as a visionary CEO, rather than thrashing around in the weeds trying to handle everything in your business yourself

Suzy Cater

How I roll:

1. Fabulous foundations

First, we’ll lay the groundwork for working together and I’ll get to know your signature style, voice, stories, and audience. 

You’ll complete a detailed onboarding questionnaire and upload relevant info to a shared Google Drive folder, and then we’ll have an in-depth strategy call on Zoom.

This will give us a crystal-clear picture of your goals for your copy and content, and a strategic plan-of-action for achieving them.

 2. Kick-ass Copy Creation

Next, I'll do customer and competitor research that enables you to use language which makes your target audience feel that you're the expert who finally gets them.

I'll create copy that persuasively captures your core message, offers, and character, to turn even casual website visitors into hot leads and eagerly paying clients.

And I'll articulate your superpowers, big WHY and vision in a way that positions you head and shoulders above the competition, as the no-brainer choice for your readers.

3. Final Winning Touches

After the copy’s delivered to you on Google Drive, you’ll be able to leave comments and suggest edits.

I’ll go through your feedback, and then we’ll hop on a Zoom call to resolve all your queries and make the final revisions and tweaks together.

When we're done, you'll be 100% happy with everything and ready to start using your copy to reel in more customers ASAP!

You can finally crystallize your brand's unique communication style, and have copy that's working even when you're not to bring in the prospects and sales you want. (YESSSS!!!!!!)

Plus, by outsourcing the copy that'll make a huge difference to your business to a professional, you’ll be able to gracefully dial back your own workload even as you ramp UP your messaging's effectiveness.


One-time Day Rate Package

This buys you one day of my time, to complete a writing or editing project of your choice.

$ 990 for one package

You'll get:

  • 1 x 60 min advance strategy call
  • 6 hrs of my writing and editing time, including a live edits Zoom call
Regular Help Retainer Package 

This buys you one day of my time a month, for 3 months, to complete writing or editing projects of your choice.

$670 per month

You'll get:

  • 1 x 45 min strategy call per month
  • 6 hrs per month of my writing and editing time, for 3 months, including live edits Zoom calls as necessary
  • Email support throughout the duration of the package

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation call. You can do that right here.

Step 2. At the time of your consult, we’ll get on the phone and have a chat. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 3. Then we’ll get cracking! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or we aren’t an ideal fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Got Questions? send me a message here.

How much writing/editing can you get done in one day / 6 hours?

WHAT ARE SOME Frequently-chosen PACKAGES for the day rate / retainer packages?

HOW DOES payment work for each package?

how long do the winNING website COPY & seamless sales funnel packages take to complete?

"Suzy has done an amazing job for me. She has taken the time to write engaging copy that gets people to opt in to my email list, she created a great nurturing series, and she is continually stepping up my website content.

She is someone who will remain in my go-to list of experts and I recommend her to anyone looking for great copywriting!"

Cynthia Corsetti, Executive and Career Coach, Founder of Cynthia Corsetti Coaching

So you can turn your business into the business you dream about

"Suzy is a pleasure to work with. She is able to take my plain, straightforward writing, and quickly bring it to life with beautiful, relatable language which sounds natural and optimistic. She is by far one of the most gifted and easy-to-collaborate-with writers that I know. I cannot recommend working with her enough!"

Melissa Holtz, Designer and Photographer

"When hiring a copywriter, I wanted to find someone high-quality, who understood the content I needed for my site and was easy to work with. is used by 50,000 people a day and I needed simple, straightforward, descriptive copy for our audience of teachers and parents. The copy had to explain how to use our free, educational resources in a way that was clear and appealing.

Suzy provided really high-quality writing for us, together with a strong level of professionalism. now has much more polished content, and I would definitely recommend Suzy’s services. The job went smoothly, was completed quickly, and I have since rehired her for additional projects.

I would recommend working with her to anyone who wants engaging online copy to be read by their users."

Bill Karamouzis, CEO of TeachMe

"Suzy is a true pleasure to work with. I've hired many copywriters over the years, but have always spent more time editing their work than I would have if I'd just written the article or post myself!

Suzy is intelligent, she writes succinctly, her grammar is always stellar and she ALWAYS delivers high-quality work on schedule. I’ve enjoyed working with her on my new website launch, eBook, and lead magnet, and definitely look forward to working with her again on many future projects!"

Sandy Sandler, Business Coach and CEO at HPA Enterprises Inc.

"Suzy has offered much more than the typical copywriting services that I’ve received from other people I’ve worked with. Sure, she will craft and create amazing copy; however, she also offers advice and guidance. She has a strong understanding of business and how copy and content impact the business, the brand and, ultimately, the bottom line. 

She is also a joy to deal with. You can feel and see she cares about your business as much as hers, and that this isn’t just turning round a job for her, but much more. She really is a rare find and it’s a pleasure to work with her!"

Adele Leah, Career Coach and Founder of Finch St Career Consultancy

Suzy Cater GroWrite Creative

To talk about how we could get your business captivating copy that sells