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So let’s use them to…

~ Tell your compelling story

~ Highlight what you do best

~ Help your work create true change


Together, we’ll use the power of words to help your company accomplish more.


website copy overhaul

Does your website capture what your company’s all about, and express your brand’s key values and message? If not, let’s fix it. With copy that showcases your uniqueness and genuinely speaks to your audience, you can say goodbye to salesy or uninspired writing… And wave a big HELLO to more conversions and meaningful connections.

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sales funnel creation

You want sales funnels and marketing strategies that aren’t only about selling. You’d also like to build enduring relationships with your customers, and establish real brand trust and authority. I’ll help you do that – and allow you to protect your work-life balance in the process. With the right, engaging content in place, your business can truly take off.

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custom services and quotes

Writing to promote your business can be hard. How do you stand out and find a strong core message that resonates? I’m here to help with that. In our calls about your copy, website, and/or marketing strategy, you’ll get more than an expert opinion and fresh perspective. You’ll also get a friend in your corner who’s fiercely committed to your success.

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I’m Suzy Cater.

I’m a copywriter and content marketing strategist who loves helping entrepreneurs succeed. I create copy with personality and marketing content with heart to bring your brand voice and messaging to life. Here’s how I came from a small town in rural North Wales to found my own copywriting company in New York City.

About Suzy


What my clients say

  • Suzy is a true pleasure to work with. I've hired many copywriters over the years, but have always spent more time editing their work than I would have done if I'd just written the article or post myself. Suzy is intelligent, she writes succinctly, her grammar is stellar and she ALWAYS delivers high-quality work on schedule. I’ve enjoyed working with her on my new blog launch and other projects, and definitely look forward to working with her again in the future!
  • Suzy crafts and creates amazing copy, but she also offers advice and guidance. She understands how business strategy feeds into marketing, and she'll work with you to develop a plan for content and marketing that's consistent and takes people on a journey. She's also a joy to deal with for FinchSt - you can feel and see she cares about your business as much as hers. She really is a rare find!
  • is used by 50,000 people a day. I was looking for simple, straightforward and descriptive copy for our audience of teachers and parents, which would explain how to use our resources clearly and appealingly. Suzy provided really high-quality writing for us, together with a strong level of professionalism. I would recommend working with her to anyone who wants engaging web copy.


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