Have them at “hello.”

(And get copy that completes you.)

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“Is my laptop battery dying? I hadn’t noticed.”

That’s basically what you want your readers to say as they lose themselves in your copy and fall in love with your voice.

But for that to happen more, your business needs to deliver captivating messaging that genuinely gets people excited about what you do. To weave together inspiring copy that captures WHO you are as a brand and that has readers hopping up and down with eagerness to work with you.

Suzy Cater

Suzy Cater

Hi! I’m Suzy. I'm a copywriter and content strategist who helps entrepreneurs use creative, personality-packed prose to uplevel their businesses and make the impact and income they deserve. 

I dig deep so we can bring your brand voice and messaging to life, and I write the bold, heartfelt copy you need to have the business breakthroughs you want.

I'm here to hold your copy to damn high standards, and to help you use the power of words to showcase your brand, turbocharge your business growth, and connect better with the people you most want to serve.







  • Work with you to take your business to a place of total brand communication confidence 
  • Help you hone a brand voice that leaves you (and your target audience) gooey-eyed and weak-at-the-knees in love with it
  • Take care of the copywriting tasks you've been putting off so you can move forward with hitting your business goals
  • Empower you to communicate with smarts and heart, from a place of authenticity that gets your ideal customers smiling and buying
  • Create copy that sounds like you on your A-game, so your business can stand out even as you chill out (for once!)

Want to let your personality loose on your copy and your copy loose on the world?

Tarryn Lambert UX Design and Business Strategy Consultant


Before working with Suzy, I wasn't 100% sure that I was communicating correctly with my potential clients. Sometimes I get too technical and forget that I might not be making sense to the people I'm helping... I understand how to communicate visually with others, because that's what I do, but I second-guess myself when it comes to copy. So I wanted to know where my writing needed improvement, what was making sense, and if I was being relatable with the words that I used.

I found our call extremely helpful. Suzy does more than create copy; she understands the organization of information, which is actually a higher-cost service. Since then, I've already recommended Suzy to some of my clients. Her thorough eye for detail is complimented by her friendly nature. She's also very open-minded and up for discussion. She can consult with you on ideas for your business and isn't afraid to tell you when something isn't working. She's a service provider, but also an educator, so you learn as you work with her over time.

Trudy Booth Life and Relationship Coach


I spoke to Suzy while in the middle of redesigning my website for my coaching practice. I was feeling so stuck on what to write, what to rewrite and how to really get the message across about who I am and what I do. After talking to her very briefly about myself and my coaching she completely blew me away with her suggestions of what to write on my homepage.

She is so on target and so elegant (and eloquent) at the same time. Best of all it sounded exactly like me.

Suzy also helped with the structure and closing of the page, which I'd overlooked and is so important. She then tackled my About page and gave some great rewording and direction on how to make it amazing.

After feeling stuck for a very long time, I can't wait to finish the rewrite and redesign of my website and get it live. Suzy is so inspiring, she really has a gift. Thank you so much Suzy!

Bill Karamouzis CEO of TeachMe and MathGames


When hiring a copywriter, I wanted to find someone high-quality, who understood the content I needed for my site and was easy to work with. MathGames.com is used by 50,000 people a day and I needed simple, straightforward, descriptive copy for our audience of teachers and parents. The copy had to explain how to use our free, educational resources in a way that was clear and appealing.

Suzy provided really high-quality writing for us, together with a strong level of professionalism. MathGames.com now has much more polished content, and I would definitely recommend Suzy’s services. The job went smoothly, was completed quickly, and I have since rehired her for additional projects. I would recommend working with her to anyone who wants engaging online copy to be read by their users.

Zeva Bellel Career and Leadership Coach


To say I was on top of my copy for my new coaching site when I spoke to Suzy is an understatement. I'm a former journalist so I take my words super seriously. I did three different versions, and when I was happy with it, I had a dozen friends in the business read through it and give feedback. I made repeated edits, and genuinely felt like it couldn't get much better.

But our call together was actually so wonderfully helpful. Suzy is a sweetie and so easy to talk to. She asked me a bunch of questions about my motivation, struggles, and mission as a new business owner, in a way that was very casual and conversational. And what she was able to do with that information was magic.

She extracted aspects of what truly motivates me into poignant, emotion-driven prose to add to my site and was able to find the exact spots where I could elevate my copy to make the biggest impact (e.g. "opt-in" offer and "work with me" page). She also made herself available quickly after our call to review the changes and tweak them even further.

I’d recommend speaking with her to anyone who has reached a bit of an impasse with their DIY copy and wants a true professional to add more energy, emotion and soul to their text to really draw people in. Or someone who right from the start wants to offload that entire mission to someone who will understand their passion and know how to package it into bright, fresh, compelling copy.

Kristin Rath Best-selling author of "Meant for More: Create Your Dream Life, Plan Your Path, and Start Living It Now"


When I connected with Suzy, I was rebranding my website and wanted to make sure my Home and About pages really hit home with my audience. I had my copy written, but I wasn’t sure it was specific enough so that it was clear to readers who I was, what I did, and who my business served. Working with Suzy got me to zero in on those details. Suzy helped me think about my copy from the perspective of my customer, which affected the organization and placement of my copy, as well as what sections needed tightening up and where I needed to flesh things out.

Now, I have a website I’m proud of and that reflects my brand. If you want your website copy to stand out from the crowd and engage your audience, I recommend working with Suzy.

Adele Leah Founder, Finch St Career Consultancy


Working as a solo-entrepreneur, it was key for me to build a virtual team. And having a strong, working relationship with a copywriter who really gets me and my business was top of the list. After searching online, I found Suzy. We started with a few smaller pieces of work, but she quickly got to know me, my brand, my vision, tone of voice and, most importantly, what I was looking to achieve with my business and the content I produce. So since then it’s been onwards and upwards, working on everything from social media posts, workbooks, marketing material and email direct marketing copy.

Suzy has offered much more than the typical copywriting services that I’ve received from other people I’ve worked with. Sure, she will craft and create amazing copy; however, she also offers advice and guidance. She has a strong understanding of business and how copy and content impact the business, the brand and, ultimately, the bottom line. Because she understands the overall business strategy and how this feeds into the marketing, she works with you to develop a plan for marketing and content across various channels, to keep things consistent and take people on a journey.

Working together, the copy that has been created is used across all my communication platforms, meaning that the message is not only consistent but also has a high impact on my business outcome, giving me new customers, leads, and building my email list. Whether you’re looking for a copywriter to create compelling copy or a partner to work with you on really developing a content strategy for your business, Suzy is your woman!

She's honest, she pushes back with insightful questions, and she shows you how an outsider is viewing what you are putting out (this has been hugely beneficial for me). She is also a joy to deal with. You can feel and see she cares about your business as much as hers, and that this isn’t just turning round a job for her, but much more. She really is a rare find and it’s a pleasure to work with her!

Sandy Sandler CEO at HPA Enterprises Inc.


Suzy is a true pleasure to work with. I've hired many copywriters over the years, but have always spent more time editing their work than I would have if I'd just written the article or post myself! Suzy is intelligent, she writes succinctly, her grammar is always stellar and she ALWAYS delivers high-quality work on schedule. I’ve enjoyed working with her on my new website launch, eBook, and lead magnet, and definitely look forward to working with her again on many future projects!

Nelson de Sousa Founder of Common Fox Freelance Motion Graphics


Suzy was a pleasure to work with. From the beginning I felt as if she was asking the right questions and was attentive to my changes. I would definitely work with her again in the future.

Darlene Hawley Brand & Business Clarity Coach


Suzy has an incredible knack of knowing how to master your wording to make sure it completely reflects who you are and what your brand is trying to portray. When we first spoke, I was having trouble getting traffic past my home page of my website. Suzy was able to quickly identify how my website message needed to be organized and reworked to make it clear what type of coach I am and draw my potential clients into my site. Spending time with Suzy helped me get crystal clear on my messaging and left me excited to move forward with the game plan we had created. Suzy knows her stuff and will have you attracting clients in no time at all. I highly recommend scheduling a call with her.